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Official North Korea Propaganda Poster – Serie family

A0 Canvas PaintingA1 Canvas PaintingA2 Canvas PaintingA3 Canvas PaintingA3 Kraft PosterA3 WallstickerA4 Canvas PaintingA4 Kraft PosterA4 WallstickerA5 Canvas PaintingA5 Kraft PosterA5 WallstickerA6 Canvas Painting
BurgundyLight GreyPurpleRedWhiteYELLOW

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Size:(L)X(W):A1:84.1cmx59.4cm=33.1”x23.4” A2:59.4cmx42.0cm=23.4″x16.5″ A3:42.0cmx30.0cm=16.5″x11.7″
A4:30.0cmx21.0cm=11.7”x8.6” A5:14.8
cmx21.0cm=5.8”x8.6” A6:10.5cmx14.8cm=4.3”x5.8”


Note that some posters are chineese but also made and used in North Korea

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