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On the juche idea – Kim Jong-Il


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“Man is the master of everything and decides everything “

On the Juche Idea is the most authoritative official treatise on the definition of the Juche ideology of North Korea. This manifesto of Juche idea marks the departure of Juche from Marxism-Leninism materialism and establishes the consciousness of the masses as dependent on the leader of the working class. Kim Jong-il explains that Juche is a real break from Marxism-Leninism rather than a mere reinterpretation of it. According to the Supreme Leader, Juche not only provides “independent and creative” leadership to the Korean revolution, but also establishes a new era in the history of mankind. Clearly idealistic as opposed to the materialism of Marxism: man has independence, creativity and consciousness, which places him at the centre of the world .

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