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What are North Korea coins ?

The won, (KPW), became the currency of North Korea on 6 December 1947, replacing the Korean yen. The coins are issued in 1, 5; 10, chon and 50 and 100 won. All coins are minted in aluminium. These coins bear the national coat of arms of North Korea on the obverse and flowers, in particular Kimjongilia and Kimilsungia.

The “Bank of Trade” 무역은행 is the official currency issuer of the North Korea won

the north korean bank of trade rare pictureA rare picture of the bank of trade, where won are minted.

Here is a set of won coins :



And a set of won banknotes :

set of north korea DPRK banknotes won


Why North Korea coins are expensive ?

The North Korean won is exclusively for North Korean citizens. You can’t use north korean currency in North Korea DPRK if you are a foreigner. This is why they are very difficult to have. In addition to this, because of the isolated and economically troubled situation in DPRK North Korea they rarely leave the country.
Coins are also printed in very small numbers.


Why North Korea coins are a good investment ?

Mr. Jim Rogers, who launched the Quantum Fund with George Soros in the 1970s, said in an interview: “Coins and stamps are the best way to invest in North Korea.”

jim rogers about north korea DPRK

He sees his purchase as a gamble on the collapse of North Korea :

At some point, North Korea will cease to exist as a country. Then the value of the coins will rise


Said Rogers[1] So Jim Rogers believes in a rise of the value of north korea coin in a numismatic way.


Also, after the Trump – Kim Jong Un meeting at Singapore, the value of all coins and stamps from North Korea rise[2]

Kim Jong Un and Trump meeting raise the value of north korean coins


North Korea won coins are now wanted by all numismats[3] many numismatic store are now out of stock[4]

numismatist collecting north korea coin happy after raising of norh korea DPRK coins value numismatist collecting north korea coin happy after raising of norh korea DPRK coins value

Where buy North Korea coins ?

North Korean coins are very rare to find, you can buy them here directly from DPRK North Korea in our website North Korea Gift Shop/

Attention limited stock of north korea coins

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